In the last decade, we have shifted from making content digital and available online, to completely new modalities of creating, exchanging, and sharing content online and offline. Most recently, the explosion of big data, cloud computing, the internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, and 3D printing – to name just a few – have on the one hand broadened the definition of “contents”, and on the other hand put a greater emphasis on the connections between the online and offline world.
As experiments become fully-fledged products and services, and human beings and smart devices become increasingly interconnected, new opportunities and challenges emerge.
How do people and machines will interact in a future populated by mobile, hyperconnected objects? What new forms of production will be enabled by 3D printing? What should safety standards look like for self-driving cars or 3D printed food? How will ‘citizenships’ look or be defined in a world where it is no longer linked to physical residency? And how can technology help sharpening our senses rather than causing information overload?
These are some of the questions that experts in this panel will try to address.