Andrzej Nowak

Andrzej Nowak is a professor of psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Warsaw, where he directs the Center for Complex Systems at the Institute for Social Studies, and in University for Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. He is also professor of Psychology at Florida Atlantic University. He is a fellow of European Centre for Living Technology – Ca’ FoscariVenice and a member of Advanced Consortium of Cooperation and Conflict at Columbia University. His primary focus is on social and psychological dynamics and new technology. His current research includes social influence, new media, culture, social transitions, conflict, and radicalization. He specializes on computer simulations of psychological and social processes. He publishes in both social and psychological journals (e.g. Psychological Review, Psychological Science), as well as in physical journals (Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A., E). He is an author or an editor of 15 books and over 120 papers and chapters.