Anna Carbone

Anna Carbone works at the Politecnico di Torino as an Associate Professor of Physics. She has collaborated at the coordination and support action FuturICT FET Flagship ( and at the FuturICT 2.0 Flag-Era initiative ( Her research deals with modelling of complex socio-techno systems in a multidisciplinary context (finance, transportation, environment), multidimensional data and stochastic processes, characterization of advanced multispectral sensors and imaging systems. She is engaged in a number of collaborations in several areas of ICT with public and private research institutions in Europe and beyond. For example: at activities concerning the analysis of the dynamic and robustness of global hyper-connected infrastructure networks for application in the Sustainable Tourism with the Kyoto University (Japan), at social networks analysis with the JN University of New Delhi and IIT Madras (India). She has authored several articles and special issues appeared in International Journals and Proceedings of International Conferences. She serves as editor of several International Journals in the areas of Data Science and Complex Systems.